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Wed, 01 Dec 16:00 - 17:15

Online Collaboration Session

The Commercial Property Owners Perspective

Why they are investing in IoT and what do they want from the insurance industry?

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About the Event

Insurers and brokers have the opportunity to transform how clients manage risk through use of data collected via IoT sensors  and the mitigation insights they provide.


At our last event, we heard that getting commercial property owners to adopt this new way of managing risk is not easy despite the potentially huge benefits IoT implementation can achieve, from loss prevention to net zero impact.


But is that true? Are commercial property owners reluctant to deploy sensors and manage  risk via data and insights? What are the challenges faced in connecting  with insurers, and how can these be overcome to achieve these benefits?


We've gone straight to the source to find out!


At our upcoming event  we'll be hearing directly from leading corporate, mid-sized and SME  owners who have implemented IoT and giving you the chance to find out exactly what they are expecting from the insurance industry.

The expert panel includes:


  • Jeff Bray, Head of Global Risk Management at Prologis. Jeff is responsible for coordinating Prologis’s insurance programs, business resiliency, and is passionate about using data, technology and innovation to evaluate and manage risks more effectively across Prologis’ nearly one billion square feet of logistics real estate. Through its development of smart warehouses, Prologis is using sensor technology to deliver a progressive style of risk analysis to their customers alongside other forward-thinking applications of IoT / sensor technology.


  • Brian Roche, Director of IT at George Best Belfast City Airport. A true hub of innovation for connected IoT technologies, Belfast City Airport has adopted an innovative digital risk platform for risk management and customer experience. Brian is close to the insurance side of the business and has a key focus on reducing the loss cost to achieve better managed premiums, for casualty and property risk transfer. Brian’s insight into BCA’s IoT journey makes a compelling case study, and clearly demonstrates how sensor data enables insurers and brokers to focus on connected customers, and return benefits to the property owners.


  • Dermot Sweeny - President of Sweeny&Co. Architects Inc. In the last decade, Dermot has designed numerous Smart Buildings with IoT systems, that go beyond data monitoring and analysis, to life cycle management for pre-emptive maintenance which enables cost efficient property management, and occupant engagement. Driven by Dermot’s leadership in designing facilities that enhance health and wellness, use less energy, and minimise the impact on the environment, Sweeny&Co serves Canadian and International regions on a wide range of commissions, including office, residential, institutional, retail, hospitality, and transit-oriented design projects.

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